Marta’s Story

Marta Salinas’ individually designed pieces of jewellery carry the mark of a professional artist. Schooled in the prestigious Madrid School of Art Restoration and Preservation where she graduated in 1990 and majored in art and sculpture, two of her life’s passions. Her three-dimensional creations are influenced by Giacometti, Brancusi and Matisse.

Jewellery, as a branch of sculpture, would come later on, but has been in her mind since a young age: “As a girl, I always felt fascination when observing my mother and grandmother getting dressed up and delicately putting on their necklaces and rings”. Marta began designing jewellery in 2003, always combining it and interlacing it with her painting and sculptural passion.

Wildlife, birds, leaves and the female art form are the themes that are current in Marta’s work. Marta sources gems from all over the world. Topazes, tourmalines, chorales, aquamarines, and precious stones found in exotic latitudes such as Brazil, Hong Kong, Moscow and Africa. Gold and silver, barley polished, also constitute part of her identity in her innovative creations. Rigid silver chokers of tribal aspect, spectacularly large rings, bracelets, cufflinks, or earrings with “naïf” imprints are ‘bestsellers’ of the name.

Unique, exceptional, extremely artisan and sensual are Marta Salinas’ trademarks. “My jewellery is made to last eternally and to harness the personality of those who wears them”.

Private commissions, commemorative pieces and her own collections mark the work of this artist who has exhibited in Moscow, Hong Kong and Las Vegas (‘Rising Star’ Prize – 2011). Marta’s curriculum also includes the creation of a unique medallion for the Spanish singer Rosario Flores, a Choker for the top model Elle McPherson and the creation of a special jewel for the launch of the perfume ‘Acqua di Parma’ of LVMH Group. She has also designed exclusive sculptural pieces for The King and Queen of Spain.

“Jewellery, painting and sculpture are my three passions. I could not conceive my life without them.”